Favorite Chinese Train

China has one of the longest and most occupied railway lines in the world and thus a major commuter alternative in China. A Chinese visa holder can commute from his resident to town and back; train travel is very convenient and cheaper compared to passenger vehicles, flight travels and taxi cabs.

The Railway lines are managed by the Chinese Railways Limited which ensures that all services are delivered as required by China visa tourists and local clients. Travel tickets are priced as per category out of the 4 classes as described below:

The soft sleeper – This is the best train class and offers exclusive comfort to China visa and other travelers. Chinese visa tickets for soft sleeper category are relatively inexpensive given the calmness and great client delight. The category normally consists of 4 unique compartments, an upper and lower berth which is transformed into a long chair in the day. Bedding items are provided for use during the day and night. Every visa for China or local traveler is provided with a flask with warm water, a bath towel and other personal items. Some have inbuilt televisions for DVD shows and news updates, power sockets where you can plug in your phones, torches or even laptops for charging.

Deluxe sleeper – Most trains traveling to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Hong Kong have this deluxe soft sleeper feature. They consist of 2 berths and a private toilet meant for a single Chinese visa traveler.

Hard sleeper class – These suit Chinese visa travelers who have a low budget on travel costs. At times it may apply in cases of urgent calls for travel where budgets are normally very tight. It is perfect for China visa tourists who do not need exclusive but middle comfort. Hard sleepers are reasonably padded to lean on any time a visa for China commuter feels like. Bedding may be provided to visa for China travelers in the night; there are no power sockets.

Hard and soft class – This train category can be matched with a 1st or 2nd class travel in a European train. Its seats are hard and extremely classic. Not all Chinese trains have the soft styled chairs, only a few.

However, every Chinese visa traveler should know that all Chinese trains do not offer similar facilities. Some will include or miss flash toilets, soft sleeper seats, food, drink and snack cafeterias where visa for China guests can buy dinner items.

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