Religion, Demons, Ignorance, and Fear

Religion, Demons, Ignorance, and Fear

Why is it important that we study demonology? It is important that we understand what the Bible has to say about demon spirits because so many people throughout the world fear and do not understand how to combat demonic forces.

I have traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents, which gives me a great deal of respect for these people. My travels however also give me much objectivity and a genuine look at reality, which our TVs do not fully depict.

In Tibet, it is believed that the forces of nature are ruled by spirits and that spirits inhabit everything: rivers, rocks, caves, mountain paths, trees, their dwelling places and even man himself. Man could be possessed by bad spirits, therefore Shamans or priests had to perform rites to exorcise the spirits. Strictly speaking the Tibetans are not Buddhists, as their primordial religion is still dominant. The greatly feared spirit world occupies most of their attention.

What they don’t realize is that God is a Spirit (John 4:24), not multiple spirits. This being said, any spirit other than the Spirit of Christ is demonic (Romans 8:9). The true God is a consuming fire and brings a warm comforting Presence to your life (Hebrews 12:29). Fear on the contrary brings a cold, chilling presence that paralyzes your soul.

Within Thailand, the average Thai will pay considerably closer attention to the spirit world than to the teaching of Buddhism. Their world throbs and pulsates with spirits. Each home and business is “protected” by a spirit house, to which homage is paid and the spirits are placated daily with food, drink and flowers. The spirit world is a world of fear: fear of offending the spirits, fear of the night which they believe is filled with spirits, fear, fear, fear. Fear of offending the spirit of their ancestors, fear of not giving sufficient attention to the ever-present spirits. Buddhism, as practiced by the average Thai, has comparatively little to do with the teaching of Guatama, the founder of Buddhism. It is closer related to primitive animism than to Buddhism.

I recall while living in Taiwan that the Taiwanese people would offer fruit and burn incense to appease the spirits. I was shocked to see such superstition within every home and business. Outside the local Pizza Hut in Taipei, I saw a table finely set with two-liter bottles of coca cola and pizza on it to appease the spirits.

During Chinese new year, “lucky money” is burned in an attempt to welcome the good fortune that the spirits supposedly can bring. Firecrackers are also thrown in an attempt to ward off the bad spirits. Then another amusing custom is “Ghost month” during which the Taiwanese are so superstitious and frightened that the ghosts are out that few of them dare to drive their cars on the road that month in fear of something bad happening to them.

A friend of mine threw a bed sheet over himself and walked out on his apartment balcony one evening making strange noises to just see the reaction of those down below. All scattered feverishly as they were gripped with fear.

Dead religion and its followers are quite comical. Certainly you can get a good laugh when you take a closer look at the spiritual ignorance throughout the world. Yet at the same time, if you have a heart for humanity as I do, it will grip you to do something about it.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). We need more than just spirituality, we need spirit and truth to stay straight (John 4:24). Spiritual ignorance is a sore evil in the earth that has deceived and destroyed many.

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