Sightseeing Compulsions Behind Booking Flights to New Zealand

The ‘great white cloud’, as New Zealand is called, remains one of the most inescapable travel destinations in the world. Be it shopping, natural splendour, nightlife, or mouth watering cuisines, a visit to New Zealand is like a spell in paradise. It is easy to see why the country’s tourism sector is amongst the most robust of its kind in the world. Delve a little deep into a few of the top sightseeing spots in New Zealand.

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

The Franz Josef & Fox are absolutely not to be missed if you have managed to snare cheap flights to New Zealand. Reputed to be the most famous glaciers in New Zealand, the site draws hordes of holiday makers. It makes for an unforgettable sight to watch these immense snowy stretches inching down to the sea. The glaciers have also made the Franz Josef and Fox villages a couple flourishing hubs of tourism in New Zealand.

Goldmine Experience

Travellers booking flights to New Zealand also get the chance to play gold miners. Visitors can stroll through a gold mine tunnel, pick up some exciting history on Cornish miners, and see a stamper battery crush rock. One can also experience the feel of hand panning for gold. The Goldmine Experience definitely makes for a unique memory of one’s New Zealand holiday.

Botanic Gardens

A beautiful flora life remains one of the biggest lures behind booking flights to New Zealand and a good place to experience this delight is the huge Botanic Gardens. Spanning about 25 hectares, these gardens enchant the beholder. Not to be missed here is the Norwood Rose Garden, famed for its over 100 rose species. A visitors centre, teahouse, and the New Zealand World Wide Fund for Nature headquarters are also located at the Botanic Gardens.

Kiwi Birdlife Park

The effort of hunting down cheap flights to New Zealand may prove to be a futile exercise if one does not check out the country’s famed elusive kiwis. One of the best places to get lucky on a kiwi watching tour is the Kiwi Birdlife Park. Besides kiwis, the park has many other exotic bird life species such as parakeets, more pork, kea, and the rare black stilt.

Glow-worm Cave

The Glow-worm Cave is another of the hot travel spots to consider on a tour of New Zealand. The most popular highlights of the cave include stalactites and stalagmite, an immense cavern with fabulous acoustic qualities, and a boat ride in the dark. However, the boat ride remains the best part of the cave visit. It is an indescribable sight as the darkness comes alive with countless glow worms and one can easily get deluded into confusing these worms with small stars.

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