The Simple Guide to Become a Holiday Representative

Over the years this type of job has become popular as an increasing number tourists go on more and more holidays every year. This has created a demand for holiday reps and tour operators are constantly looking for new reps each year. The peak time for hiring for the position of a holiday rep is between September to march so that the reps can be trained in time for the summer. Although, applications are sometimes still accepted all the way up to June or July.

Below are some tips and advice about the role of a holiday rep:

A holiday representative is person who takes care of all types of tourists. To become a holiday representative you need to be a people person who is self-assured with dealing with people from all walks of life.

Airport duties: These consist of collecting tourists at the airport and taking them to their resorts or hotels and the reverse when tourists have finished the holiday and are preparing to fly home. It is also part of the representative’s duty to handle any grievance and deal with any difficulties that occur.

Sell tour and other allied products such as car hire, sun cream, phone cards to earning extra money while you are working as a rep.

Organize and take part in different activities for the tourists. This can be anything from activities shows to taking guests on pub/club crawls.

It is the responsibility of the rep to complete all the office duties. It is here that the representative gathers and completes the paperwork, attends resort meetings and raises any relevant issues or problems.

To be a holiday representative has both its advantages and disadvantages;

Advantages are –

To work in a warm climate and meet new people each day

Opportunity to live in a foreign country

Work with tourists / customers from different countries and different walks of life

Disadvantages are –

Longer stay in your first hotel [approximately more than 8 months] with limited opportunity to return home during this period (usually only when the opportunity arises and exceptional circumstances are considered),

Long working hours

You may have to Work on weekends and public holidays

Limited personal holidays during peak season.

[1] Age to become a rep-

This can usually start from 18 and for specific positions it can be 21 years and there is no exact maximum.

[2] Education –

Education G.C.S.E’s to A’ Levels or any corresponding qualifications.

Higher Education certificates/ diplomas in Tourism are also beneficial.

A further education qualification such as a degree is not required for this role but if this is related to tourism this can help your application.

[3] Work Experience –

If you have any sales experience then this can aid you in your application to becoming a holiday rep. Sales experience helps to develop your customer service skill, which is key to your role as a holiday rep. So, if you have worked in a store, cafe or tour agency, this is the kind of work experience that the holiday companies are looking for. For the role of a children’s rep one of the requirements will be your experience in this area and some tour companies will specify a minimum of 12 months experience.

[4] Training –

Individual tour operators will provide their own training which on average lasts 2-3 weeks. Courses differ in content but cover all characteristics and duties of holiday representative. Subsequent to the training there is usually a period of on-the-job training under the management of senior holiday representatives.

These are the few simple steps to becoming a holiday representative.

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