Travelling to Dubai – Nightlife in Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience from every point of view, but what about its nightlife? Dubai night life offers a lot of variety and ways to have fun, including a wide array of bars, Dubai nightclubs and hotels with many services. Here I will talk about what can you expect the nights you spend in this amazing city. Read on to find out more.

The Dubai you find at night is very different from the sunny city it is during the days, it’s like it acquires a new personality acquiring a renewed life each night. Even in “slow days” you’ll find plenty to do during the evening, as this is a city prepared to welcome tourists from all over the World. Dubai tourists are always welcomed to have fun during the night.

Now let’s talk about the restrictions you need to follow. The first thing you need to know is that in Dubai there are strict alcohol laws, as I said in one of my previous articles, the city doesn’t allow to serve alcoholic beverages in the city restaurants. You will only be able to enjoy drinking in your hotel’s bar. Drinking age is similar to USA drinking age – minimum of 21, and all clubs have to close by 3 a.m. If you would like to visit a Dubai nightclub, you should know that the minimum age to enter is 25.

Some famous places to go in the night are the Bridges Bar, the Kasbaa Nightclub, Hard Rock Café, the Irish village, and if you can get in, the Boudoir, locates in Jumeirah Road. It is known that famous people and models visiting Dubai always come this famous spot in the city.

If you love going to nightclubs, Dubai has many options, and well in this city everyone by law must be able to access any club, despite them being publicized as “members only”. This clubs, since they can’t be 100{a70c91ee53366846886d8765ec7a8767f2dfb0777e317852963018425441c163} exclusive, charge a lot of money for the entrance, limiting the people that can gain access to it.

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