Top 10 Vacation Spots in the World

Breaking out of the monotonous routine of life is something everyone looks forward to. There is no better way to do this than by going on a vacation. Be it a far off continent, or just someplace in your own country, just going off for a few days or weeks is not only necessary, but it is a very good way of keeping up the mind and body in good spirits. Also, vacations tend to bring the families more closer, and thus inculcate the good family values and enable a better understanding. Here we compile a list of the 10 best vacation spots around the world, divided uniformly across all continents:

10. Hawaii, USA

The Hawaiian Islands have got it all – amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, vintage rain forests, fascinating mountain ranges and a fantastic weather. Hawaii is indeed a paradise on Earth.

9. Athens, Greece

Greece is a country known for its historical significance, and every nook and corner of Athens speaks of this is superb detail. Home to some of the greatest historical figures like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Tower of the Winds and Arch of Hadrian, Athens makes it to the top 10 and is a must visit.

8. Udaipur, India

Udaipur is actually the place to go if you want to relive the old lifestyle of the kings of India, for this place is still very much alive with all the traditions, and the hotels here are palaces that bring back the glory of the erstwhile kingdoms, and are an absolute pleasure to stay in.

7. Florida, USA

Florida has always featured among the top vacation spots in the USA, and it deserves to be in the same list of the world as well. Known most famously for Disney World, Florida also has plenty of beautiful beaches sat your disposal to live and explore!

6. Helsinki, Finland

One of the best European countries in terms of hospitality and people, Finland is home to Helsinki, another vacation spot that has made it to the top 10. Founded by King Gustav Vasa, Helsinki features some of the finest restaurants in the world.

5. Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is one country that has been attracting tourists from a long time, and the main attraction there id the city of Kathmandu. Nestled right in the mighty Himalayas, Kathmandu is a scenic paradise, with a mighty collection of Buddhist places to visit, along with many mountaineering exercises as well.

4. Las Vegas, USA

This city has become so famous all around the world, thanks to a lot of free publicity gained by word of mouth and Hollywood; it would be a shame if it was not featured in the top 10. Las Vegas has got the world’s greatest and largest collection of casinos, gaming places and theme parks, and is always abuzz with celebrities.

3. Rome, Italy

Rome is a definite must visit, for its pristine churches, the Coliseum and of course, Vatican City. Rome is one spot that many honeymooners choose to go to, and it is a romantic place, where you will never get tired for sure.

2. Kerala, India

Kerala, though not featuring any casinos, is called God’s own country, and one visit to Kerala will make you know why exactly it is called so. Featuring live-in house boats, and awesome beaches, Kerala is the perfect getaway from a hectic lifestyle, if only for a few days. Easily makes it to number 2.

1. Paris, France

There was a lot of debate as to what to place at the number one spot, but here goes. Paris is one of the most amazing cities on the planet and undoubtedly the most romantic. Also the fashion capital of the world and featuring the Eiffel Tower, Paris is one spot you cannot afford to miss on your vacation.

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