The Reiki 2 Distance Symbol: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZ) is the most complex of the Reiki 2 symbols. It can be defined as “No past, no present, no future.” One of my Reiki students from Taiwan, Daidi, told me that in Chinese, this symbol can be translated as “Root is the mind,” suggesting that the root of all issues is in the mind, in the here and now.

As you practice Reiki, you may experience a sense of timelessness and transcend orthodox concepts of time. Reiki allows us to transcend time, to enter the past, present or future (as conceived in orthodox thought). Each occasion during which I transcend time, I realize that ¨transcend time¨ is actually a misnomer; past, present and future are concepts, rather than objective facts. For Reiki to be understood, belief in linear time must be transcended and perceived from the perspective of now as eternity; all time is one moment; life is eternally now.

If you were wondering why I included an article on quantum physics among my Reiki articles, HSZ is the reason! This symbol gives you the power to prove to yourself that all is one and that separation in terms of location is an illusion. As you practice distance healing with friends, family and other Reiki 2 healers, you’ll see for yourself that thought “travels” much faster than light; thought is instantaneous.

I remember the very first time that Carol, my Reiki 2 teacher, sent me distance healing. I was feeling really down one night, having trouble processing some of the issues that were arising in my heart during Reiki and meditation; to be honest, I was completely out of it. Carol called that evening, somehow sensing that I was in need of Reiki. We agreed on a ten o’clock healing. I lay down on the sofa and at exactly ten p.m. my feet started buzzing. I was startled to say the least. Within a very short time, I felt very well grounded and deeply peaceful. That was the first of many very powerful distance healing experiences that confirm again and again the interconnectivity of all beings, the power of consciousness and the ability of Reiki to reach across time and distance to its intended destination.

The principal uses and characteristics of HSZ can be summarized as follows:

  • Heals the conscious mind
  • Heals the sub-conscious mind
  • Heals the mental body
  • Builds a bridge for transmitting distance healing (see upcoming article)
  • Heals the past
  • Used for Karmic healing
  • Enhances the future (see upcoming article)

(The symbol has not been shown in the present article. Your Reiki master will show you the symbol when you are ready for it. Of course, you can find it on-line if you are curious. Again, be sure you are well prepared for practicing advanced Reiki.)

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