The Italian Stallion Explained

If you are coming to Rome on vacation or thinking of making it your new home then maybe some inside information on the infamous ‘Italian Stallion’ is what you need. Italians are so dramatic its in their blood and the men more so than the women. Italian men have reputation that proceeds them and maybe its this reputation they are seeking to uphold. Over the last few year I have come to realize what you can expect from them and I am going to share it with you. 

Step one: Getting your attention

As I mentioned before Italian men are dramatic and they are far from shy.  If they see a woman they think is attractive walking down the street they feel its their duty as a man to let her know. This is done by calling “Ciao Bella!”, or if you’re really looking good you will get the full “Mama Mia Che Bella!” of course after while you begin not to notice it, the  catcall of Italian men  is the what the wolf whistle is to construction works in the States. A more subtle way they may try to get your attention is to ask you directions, and they can be quite persistent even if you have your earphones in a pretend not to hear they will just tap you  on the shoulder to get your attention- once they do its on to step two…

Step Two: Your Number  

If you decide to take the gamble and give a guy your number expect him to call. Italian men waste no time, there is no rules for them to follow, no waiting 3 days to ring they will call you right there and then but in most cases that’s just to check that you gave them the right number!

They are persistent too so be prepared when you give your number that you are going to be asked out. If you need time to think about it, best you take their number and you can call them in your own time then.. which lead us to step three…

Step Three: Dating

Italians are in love with love. They love to romance women. They are extremely romantic and old fashioned.  Italian men are great at showing how much they care, by paying ‘little attentions’ to the woman they are with, including small gifts and romantic Italian phrases and of course paying for your night out, like a true gentleman.This aspect is one of the more intriguing to women of other cultures.

However, while romanticism is definitely at the forefront of Italian relationships, an Italian man will not find anything wrong with looking at other women. In fact, jealousy plays a large part in a relationship.

Finally: Cultural Curiosity

In many other Western countries, the roles have changed between men and women, woman can sometimes be the main breadwinner with the man staying home being the house husband or indeed both partners working and the household chores shared evenly.  In Italy they still  stay true to tradition. This means that many Italian men do not cook or clean, and many live with their families until they are 30{a70c91ee53366846886d8765ec7a8767f2dfb0777e317852963018425441c163}2B, or until they are married (hence, wife becomes their mother). Mammone is the term for a “mama’s boy” in Italy, a very common thing.

In Rome and Italy, it is important to understand the people who live there. The Italian Stallion is a very real thing, and as a woman it is a phenomenon you will definitely encounter on your journeys. I  find it easier to take the loudly voiced comments as compliments. And if you are lucky enough to find a handsome Roman, or otherwise, who wants to grab a cappuccino with you, just remember that if you give them your number, they will call and more than likely introduce you to their mother!

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