Mazda 323: More Than One Name

From the Mazda Motor Corporation which is based and has its headquarters in Japan is yet another vehicle that has made heads turn at the sight of it and has made its passengers and its driver wonder about the comfort and reliability that this vehicle could offer. This is vehicle is the Mazda 323. It is a subcompact car. It was produced starting from 1975 and the last year that units of this vehicle were crafted was in 1984. When the Mazda 323’s lifeline was completed halted that in 1984, Mazda was already cooking up another vehicle to replace and take the spot in their vehicle line up which the Mazda 323 would be leaving blank. The Mazda 323’s replacement was the Mazda Mazda3.

The Mazda 323 has been made available in two body styles and these are the sedan and the hatchback. Mazda has also made sure that this vehicle would give interested parties the chance to choose as per what kind of engine would suit their needs, and preferences. The engine choices are the 1.4 liter UC engine, the 1.3 liter E3 engine, and the 1.5 liter E5 engine.

If you take the time to travel to Japan, you would notice that the very same Mazda 323 vehicle is known as the Mazda Familia there. In the United States, on the other hand, it has been previously marketed by the company as the Mazda GLC. Later on, it became the Mazda 323 and then in 1990, the name was changed to become the Mazda Protégé. However, if you do travel to the far reaches of South Africa, the people here would not introduce the vehicle to you as the Mazda 323, Protégé, GLC, or Familia. Here, this vehicle is known as the Mazda Etude. When the Mazda 323s were still in production, assembly of the vehicle was done in various countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Colombia, and New Zealand.

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