Malta Holidays – Best Choice For a European Vacation

Malta Holidays – Best Choice For a European Vacation

Malta is a small but amazing island that measures no more than 30 kilometers from one to another. Widely known for its rocky beaches, Malta has lot more to its kitty to attract tourist across the world, which makes it a perfect destination for holidaying.

When visiting Europe, Malta becomes quite a primary option for a vacation and which is why this tiny island is never short of tourists. ‘Maltese’ people are known for their warm and friendly nature, which is why even a first time visitor does not face any problem touring the island.

There are lot many reasons for you to plan your next holiday to Malta, but before finding out about the reasons it is always better to have small but decent information about the nation you are choosing as your destination. Situated in the Mediterranean, the island has quite a dense population and its capital Valetta is known for its architecture. Tourist also do not have to worry much about the language problem, as the second most spoken language there is English.

So many reasons for visiting Malta

As for the reasons why one should think of Malta as their European holiday destination, the island has something for everyone. Ranging from beach and sun to magnificent architecture and heritage, from water sports to sparkling nightlife, it has it all. The location of Malta makes it a great sports and adventure destination, thus you can easily find yourself surrounded with options like scuba-diving, yachting, wind surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking and Para-gliding. To make its adventure and sports popular among people visiting from other countries, local people or Maltese make sure that the equipments and the facilities are available in cheap prices. The island is full of places to practice and enjoy such adventures, for example Gozo due to its steep and rocky cliffs is famous among mountain biking and climbing lovers.

Visit Valetta

This archeologically rich capital of Malta is well known for its touch of ancient and old era of the knights of St John. The place is surrounded with beautiful churches and buildings of high architectural values, which is why Valetta is also a world heritage site as declared by UNESCO.

Cherish the beaches

The Maltese coastline is not only famous for its breathtaking views, but also for the enticing activities like diving, sailing, jet skiing, boat rides, canoeing, Para gliding and more. By touring the Maltese coastline you can also witness the international windsurfing competition hosted by Malta.

Hiking and walking

The green valleys and breathtaking views offered by Malta ask for adventure, like hiking and walking through its lush full trails and high cliffs. The best way to enjoy your Malta holiday is to walk and hike through the villages and ancient sites by breathing in the fresh air of Maltese valley.

Witness the Maltese feast

Malta host many fests through out the year to celebrate its culture. When visiting Malta it is a good idea to be a part of these fests and to enjoy the cultural drink and food as well as the amazing fireworks and music of Malta.

The capital of Malta, Valetta, for its richness of architectural monuments is among the world heritage sites as declared by UNESCO. The island is well loaded with captivating history and culture.

When to visit Malta

The right time to holiday in Malta coastline, is the summer time which is between April and June (accommodations during these months are relatively cheap), whereas the hotter months like July and August may give you hard time in finding reasonable rates for your stay.

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