Luxury Family Vacation – How and Where To Enjoy Japan’s 5 Northern Popular Attractions

Luxury Family Vacation – How and Where To Enjoy Japan’s 5 Northern Popular Attractions

Luxury family vacation is very great comfort, especially among beautiful and expensive surroundings, that seldom we enjoy and if this opportunity comes to every family, what comes up first in mind is the place. When it comes to a family vacation where money is not a problem, Japan’s northern most of islands worth to take a look.

Having your family holidays at Hokkaido is going to give your family the well deserved holidays of their lifetime.

Hokkaido being the 2nd largest and least developed of Japan’s 4 main island had attracted millions of visitors from around the world. With its spectacular scenery, cool weather and endless food trails. Here are some hotspots for your luxury family vacation to Hokkaido:

1) Noboribetsu is a favorite hot spring destination for Hokkaido tourist. Hokkaido’s most famous hot spring destination, surrounded by forested hills, Noboribetsu is easily accessible by road or rail.

The area’s oldest hotel is the Daiichi Takimotokan. Established in 1858, the hotel has delighted many tourists with its baths, pools, rotenburo (outdoor baths) and waterfalls.

There were separate indoor hot spring baths for men and women (17 for men and 12 for women). The men’s bath can hold up to 600 bathers and the women’s bath, 400 bathers.

Hot spring is a therapeutic and soothing and definitely worth a try for your luxury family vacation.

2) Hakodate – Hokkaido’s third largest city, located at the island’s southern tip. This is where you can buy souvenirs, then Hakodate’s most famous morning market, Hakodate asaichi, is a must.

Just a few steps away from Hakodate station, the market area spans about four city blocks. This is where you get first-hand experience of the hospitality of the Japanese. Though busy, the sellers never fail to greet passers-by with a smile.

Things to buy here are a plenty, check out Royce chocolate, ikura (salmon eggs), and uni (sea urchin). Then if you go hungry, head to the rows of restaurants serving a wide range of Hokkaido cuisine at one of the blocks

3) Mount Hakodate is famous for its best night view. It is the right place for your family to breath fresh air, and you’ll be able to capture a bird’s eye view of Hakodate city.

The best time to visit is just before sunset, when the natural light dims and the city comes alive. It’s a breath taking scenery for your family, a good environment for relaxation for your family.

4) Sapporo – capital of Hokkaido is Japan’s fifth largest city. It is also one of the nation’s youngest major cities looking at its noisy traffic and tall buildings today; it is unimaginable those 150 years ago.

5) Take a look at Farm Tomita. Take a leisurely drive to Ferano in central Hokkaido. Make a stop at farm Tomita, one of Hokkaido’s premier flower farms originally a lavender farm, it has now expanded to include flowers of all sorts, including poppies and French marigolds.

You’ll love the fields of lavender and its sweet fragrance. Finally, get a taste of lavender flavored ice cream a must-have to put a sweet ending to your luxury family vacation.

Isn’t it great? Isn’t it luxurious? I think it is. Going for a family vacation, requires a lot of preparation, in terms of financial matters. What matters most is the spirit of being together in the same place.

“No success in public life can compensate for failure in the home”.

By having the appropriate research, you should be able to enjoy a great family vacation at a luxury destination of your choice. Having a good time with your family is as important as having 3 meals a day. The bonding is important that money cannot buy.

That’s why, Eddy believe he can help you find the most affordable family holidays from his shared resource.

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