Johannesburg Flights – How to Find Cheap Flights to Johannesburg, South Africa

Finding cheap Johannesburg flights is easy if you know when and how to go about looking. You can save money on cheap flights to South Africa’s largest city even in the era of rising airline ticket prices if you follow these tips.

Look At No Frills, Low Cost Airlines For Cheap Airfare to Johannesburg

If you are flying from Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or another city in South Africa, take a look at South Africa’s low cost, domestic airlines. 1 time (one time), Kulula, Mango all offer no frills cheap flights to Johannesburg. They don’t offer free meals but you save a lot when you fly them. Although these carriers offer cheap Johannesburg flights,they are not alone. So DO NOT IGNORE South African Airways and Comair. Though these two are full service airlines, they have had to cut prices on lots of flights to keep customers.

Go Online for Webfares & Use E Tickets

If you are flying into South Africa, your best way to save is to find an airline search engine that includes both airfares directly from the airlines and airfares from airline consolidators. Going online will let you search and compare online prices from South Africa’s domestic airlines as well. When you look and search be flexible. If you opt to get an e ticket rather than a paper ticket, you will also save. Airlines are increasingly charging more if you want to get a paper ticket.

Travel Midweek

Most leisure travelers want to travel closer to the weekend. So if you look at traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you will have a much better chance of getting a discount airfare to Johannesburg.

Look At Different Times of the Day

If you are flying within South Africa, not to South Africa, you may find cheap flights to Johannesburg if you look at leaving very late or early. Depending on the day you may save since most business people would have already flown by late night. The same is true for really early flights on a weekend. Johannesburg is a business destination and fewer businessmen have to travel to Johannesburg on early morning Saturday flights for example. For Johannesburg flights what you are really trying to avoid is when the business person travels. That will be key to you finding the best cheap flights to Johannesburg.

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