Ireland Golf Vacations Provide More than Just Golf

The Emerald Isle is famous for more than just leprechauns, shamrocks and Guinness. It is also famous for its Ireland golf vacations, and lays claim to some of the best golf courses in the world. No Irish course has ever hosted the British Open, but nine of the last twelve Senior British Opens have been held at either Royal Portrush or Royal County Down in Northern Ireland.

Even Tiger Finds Irish Links Courses Tough to Tame

No golf vacation in Ireland would be complete without a round at one of these famous links courses where you can score below par one day, then the wind could force even Tiger Woods to an over par round the next. Winds in excess of 40 mph are not uncommon on links courses.

And what about the rest of Ireland: it is packed full of golf courses. Just as an example there are 17 major courses in Donegal and 33 in County Cork alone. There are seaside links courses such as Ballybunion and inland courses all over the country.

Quite frankly, it is difficult to understand why anyone would want to spend their time in Ireland playing golf when there is so much drinking to be done. When in Rome, and all that. However, you would be wise to stick to the golf course. No one can keep up with the locals when it comes to the drinking and the talking.

Ireland and Scotland – what a Combination for a Vacation!

A golfing vacation in Ireland will provide you a massive choice of packages, destinations and courses. The options are practically limitless. The only country that can match Ireland for golf courses is Scotland, so while you are in that part of Europe, why not combine the two. There are many golf packages which offer the Irish and the Scots experience. The two countries have much in common, with their whiskies, their beers and their golf, and let’s not forget the hospitality which is out of this world in both countries.

Try the K-Club for Ryder Cup Fun

Whether you take in Scotland or not, there is little that can go wrong with an Irish golfing vacation. There is more entertainment available in any resort than you could possibly ask for, though it tends to be more homely than cosmopolitan. You can’t say that about the golf courses, though. Try a round on the K-club where the 2006 Ryder Cup was played, although you would have to book well in advance of actually going on your vacation. You will not be disappointed since these championship venues are everything you would expect of challenging golf courses.

Ireland golf vacations can be great fun for everybody, and not only provide the golfers with an experience they will never forget, but also everybody with the entertainment and the welcome they should expect from such a friendly island as Ireland.

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