Grenoble Tourist Attractions, Accommodation and Travel Information

Grenoble is a city in South Eastern France. It is a city of France Alps, situated in the place where Drac River joins Isere River. This is a beautiful city surrounded by icy mountains. Here many tourists came for enjoying skiing and adventurous sports. This city is a home for various electronic, chemical and nuclear industries.

Grenoble by Eurostar

Now it has become easier to reach Grenoble. It has become a famous place for tourism. Hence it has become a popular Eurostar Destination. Plan your trip, pack your bags and take your Eurostar train from St Pancras international Station to Paris and then Paris to Grenoble. You can travel in both these trains by a single ticket. So book your online ticket now.

Attractions of Grenoble

Grenoble is a very attractive place. There are many places to visit. You can have an unforgettable trip to Grenoble. Some famous places of attractions are: –

  • Bastille: – It is a most famous site of Grenoble. It is a historical place surrounded with a beautiful park.
  • Musee de Grenoble: – It is a beautiful art museum of Grenoble. Here you can find arts of various famous artists.
  • Museum d’Histoire Naturelle: – This place is famous for picnics. Is a natural historical museum. Here you can also enjoy seeing a botanic garden and famous historical arts.
  • Halle Sainte- Claire: – It is an amazing place for shopping. It is a famous Flea market. You can do all kind of shopping here. It is an indoor food market.
  • Musee Dauphinois: – History of Grenoble is very rich. You can see examplesof the history of Grenoble here in Musee Dauphinois.
  • Magasin: – Centre National d’art Contemporain: – It is a world-class art museum. It is a perfect place for art lovers.
  • Musee de la resistance: – It is a place where you can see valuable historical stuff.
  • CNAC- Le Magasin (Centre National d’Art Contemporain): – It is an art gallery. The art collection of this gallery is fantastic.
  • Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors: – It is a famous place for picnics and day trips. It is a beautiful park.
  • Ancient palais du Parlement: – It is a best example of enriched history of Grenoble. It is a must place to visit.

Accommodations in Grenoble

The hotels and resorts of Grenoble are amazing. Eurostar has its link with many popular hotels. You can book your hotel with online booking of your ticket. Book your online ticket and hotel on concessional rates. Some hotels are: –

  • Hotel Angleterre
  • Hotel Mercure Grenoble
  • Hotel Europole
  • Splendid
  • Patrick Hotel
  • Hotel Plazza Alpexpo
  • Hotel de l’Europe
  • Hipark Residences
  • Novotel Grenoble Centre
  • Express By Holiday Inn Grenoble

Grenoble Nightlife

For an amazing nightlife in Grenoble there are many pubs and bars. There are world famous bars, pubs and discos to enjoy chilled bear and food.

  • O’Callanghan Irish Pub
  • Barberousse
  • Le cybernet cafĂ©
  • Entre pot
  • Le 365
  • Le Nef
  • Le Georges V
  • Le Code Bar

Shopping in Grenoble

The city is a full package of shopping. You can have a classy and trendy shopping in Grenoble. There are various shopping centers in Grenoble.

  • Decathlon
  • Chocolats Bonnat
  • Grand’Place
  • Marche de Noel
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