Famous Outdoor Fountains – The Trevi Fountain of Rome

The Eternal City – Rome, Italy – is known for many things, one of which is the number of ancient outdoor fountains found throughout the old center of the city. To this day, they flow with fresh water ready for travelers to enjoy! If you were to close your eyes and picture the fountains of Rome, chances are you would be conjuring up the image of one of the most famous outdoor fountains in the city – The Trevi Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain is actually a relatively “young” fountain as Rome is concerned, as its construction began in 1732. During the 17th and 18th Centuries, the creation of decorative outdoor fountains became a popular way to mark the terminus of ancient aqueducts. The Trevi was a project driven by a succession of three popes – Pope Clement X11, Pope Benedict XIV and Pope Clement XIII, whose emblems and inscriptions are noted on the attic storey. Completed in 1762, its designer Nicola Salvi fashioned this outdoor fountain in the baroque styling of “Neptune, God of the Sea” the formidable figure dominating the central niche.

The magic of the Trevi now is the experience of listening to the incredible sounds of gushing water. No matter which of the three streets (tre vie) you approach it by – the predominant feature of this famous outdoor fountain is the SOUND – the exciting sound of water gushing day and night – 24 spouts tumbling over multiple points of sculpture that astound the senses.

Hollywood has made its mark on the Trevi Fountain as well – many movies have made reference to it and filmed there. They say if you stand with your back to the Trevi and toss a coin over your shoulder into the wonderful fountain, you will return to Rome one day. Whether you believe that or not, surely it would not hurt to try – returning to the Trevi is something one would never tire of!

>Although most people would not have the room or the budget for recreating a “Trevi Fountain”, many of us crave water features in our gardens in order to enjoy that time-enduring sound – the sound of rushing water! Outdoor fountains on your own property might have to do the job until the next time you visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome!

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