Dubai Travel Guide – A Fascinating Journey to Your Dream Destination

Dubai is a splendid city located in the Persian Gulf at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai is the second largest emirate after Abu Dhabi. This article on Dubai Travel Guide will take you through some of the most important and exciting things to see and do in Dubai, and about the people, places and food in the city.

Dubai attractions are such that it entices most people to visit this city and enjoy the Dubai Culture. With the low cost airlines and Business Class Air Tickets, visiting Dubai has become very easy and convenient. Dubai is essentially a desert city with great infrastructure, moderate policies, and excellent tourist facilities.

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to April as it is considered as the coolest weather of the year. So, these months are regarded as the most convenient time for Dubai Travel Guide and to explore the Dubai Culture. For the rest of the months, it is very difficult to explore the city fully and in relaxed mood as the climatic conditions during that tie is unsuitable. When you pack for your Dubai trip, do remember to pack a pair of sunglasses, a hat and sun block.

Dubai is the place to be in for food lovers as it offers a large number of good restaurants and a wide option of eating-places to choose from. These eating joints are also counted as Dubai Attractions and lure most of the visitors in this city. In your Dubai Travel Guide, do include a trip to some of these best restaurants and eat the best of cuisines from all parts of the world.

Shopping in Dubai is one of the popular events. The city offers a festive lifestyle to millions of its tourists each year. A number of shopping festivals and trade fairs keep this city and its people quite busy throughout the year. Dubai Travel Guide cannot be completed without your favorite activity, shopping. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), also known as ‘Layali Dubai’ in Arabic was started in 1996 and is celebrated as one of the most happening shopping festivals in the city every year.

A few other things that can be done while in Dubai includes spending time in the beaches or go for a Desert Safari or Dune Bashing, skiing, cruising, golfing and so on. The city is divided as Old Dubai and modern Dubai. And both these parts offer extreme beauty of its own in its unique way.

The hotels is Dubai provide world-class accommodation with five-star services and superb amenities. Dubai offers an extensive range of accommodations in any price range for the business traveler or vacationer. A vacation in Dubai is no less than a fantasy trip and takes away all your worries. With Lowest Asia flight tickets, this vacation is going to be a far better option for most people.

So, go ahead and enjoy your Dubai Travel Guide and have wonderful time in this modern and progressive city of the UAE.

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