Careers in the Hospitality Industry

Careers in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry employs a wide variety of people, all whom are essential to the productivity of any hospitality business. This service industry includes theme parks, cruise lines, event planning, lodging, and transportation, among other areas. Large organizations within these areas typically employ hundreds, and sometimes thousands of individuals to ensure the organization runs at optimal efficiency. These are some of the careers, both entry-level and those requiring higher education, that are usually found in the majority of these areas.

Hotel general manager
While this is specifically directed towards those in the hotel industry, general managers are one of the most important parts of any organization. In a hotel, this individual focuses on both the daily and special operational functions of the building, as well as monitoring financial aspects. General managers also deal with guest complaints and, overall, ensures the hotel has a good reputation. While these positions don’t usually require a four-year degree, the larger hotel chains told education in a higher regard. Full-service hotel chains may ask general manager applicants to have a degree in hospitality or hotel management.

Flight attendant, stewardess/steward, air hostess/host, cabin attendant
This position isn’t typically remembered as being in the hospitality business, but it encompasses one of the larger areas of the industry. Individuals who have flown in an airplane will be familiar with these professionals, and the services they provide to passengers, such as seat direction, customer service duties, and safety instruction. In fact, the sole responsibility of flight attendants is passenger safety. The educational requirements for this position do not require a degree, although it is looked upon as a favorable attribute. A training school, however, is required, and may take a few months to complete.

Travel agent
Typically, travel agents are employed within a travel agency. However, some choose to work on a self-employed basis. These individuals work to offer advice on traveling and destinations, as well as actually book flights, plan itineraries, and make other travel arrangements for their clients. Some also choose to specialize in certain destinations, while others offer their services to individuals traveling to a multitude of different countries. This job requires some additional training after earning at least a high school diploma. Also, travel agencies look favorably upon applicants who have taken classes related to the travel industry, such as marketing and international courses. These can be found at multiple community colleges, although some universities offer degrees in tourism and travel.

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