Botswana Travel – A Crush Course on the Basics

Botswana is a landlocked country that is situated in the southern hemisphere. The country is landlocked and has a population of just below 2 million people. Today, Botswana is a leading tourist destination particularly for safari and desert tours. This has become the case in recent years as the economy has grown tremendously on the back of diamond revenues. Traveling to Botswana is fairly easy and straight forward if one is coming from major world cities.

Johannesburg is the hub is the southern African region when it comes to air travel. As a result, most flights to Botswana originate from South Africa. It is possible to get a direct flight from Johannesburg to Kasane a major safari region in the northern part of Botswana. Entry into Botswana for short stays of say 30 days at a time is usually a straight forward affair requiring no visa for most nationalities.

Tourists who arrive in Botswana by air via Gaborone, the capital, have an unending accommodation options. Accommodation types available in Gaborone range from lodges to hotels. Depending on how much one is willing to spend on accommodation there is available backpackers accommodation as well as high-end luxurious hotel accommodation.

Experienced hotels and lodges will be able to facilitate a wide range of activities once in Botswana. However, it is recommended and good practice to have a fairly good idea of what is available before touching down. This can easily be done by looking up reputable tour operators online. It is fairly easy to cross boarders once in Botswana into other countries. This is particularly the case when visiting Kasane in the North.

Kasane is essentially a border town with about 10000 inhabitants. It is at the geographical intersection of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Visits to the three nations bordering Botswana is a one day affair and a matter of hours by road. The road network is also fairly good and very efficient. The reason why many tourists travel to these bordering countries as part of the Botswana trip are the attractions. Zambia and Zimbabwe present the mighty Victoria Falls from different angles. Namibia has the Caprivi to offer which is very close to the Zambezi River.

In as far as safety is concerned, Botswana is generally a safe country to visit. Personal guns, the main weapon used when committing crime in neighboring South Africa are not widely available in Botswana. However, any tourist to any country must be wary and alert to prevent certain crimes be it petty or serious that target tourists. Apart from this, the people of Botswana are friendly and welcoming to visitors.

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