Best Places For Snowboarding in the World

Most resorts now cater to skiers and snowboarders alike, but what are the best areas and resorts in the world for snowboarders? Read on to find out:


The United States has some of the best snowboarding in the world. With Colorado, Wyoming, California and Utah in the west and Vermont in the east home to great resorts that cater to snowboarders. Resorts famous for their snowboarding include Crested Butte in Colorado, Vail in Colorado and Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley and Heavenly Valley in California. California abounds with a vast selection of snowboarding options. Sugar Bowl and Kirkwood are also favorites among California snowboarders.


Some of the very best snowboarding in the entire world is in Canada, with a great amount of resorts from the east to the west. Whistler/Blackcomb is the premier destination for snowboarders in Canada, but you can’t overlook the smaller resorts including Silver Star, Apex, BigWhite, Whitewater and Sunpeaks. You also can’t forget Banff, with some of the most beautiful and majestic scenery anywhere and their resorts like Lake Louise.


Japan? Great for snowboarding? Yes. As well as skiing. People forget that Japan has many mountains and cold areas since the country is very long and reaches quite far north. In fact, Japan has over 600 ski and snowboarding resorts! A little ways from Tokyo, you’ll find some nice resorts, but they tend to be more crowded and expensive due to their popularity with Tokyo residents. To experience Japanese snowboarding at its best, you’ll want to travel away from Tokyo. Around Japan’s 600+ resorts, you’ll find everything from ultra modern and high tech resorts to traditional resorts to small time, family run resorts. You can’t forget Nagano, also not too far from Tokyo and home to the 1998 Winter Olympics.


Ahh, the Alps. The Alps, whether the Swiss Alps, the Italian Alps or the French Alps, you’ll be treated to a different experience when you are snowboarding in Europe. European visitors to ski resorts tend to be well off and enjoy a lifestyle fitting of their wealth. Partying is about as important as skiing or snowboarding for European vacationers. In addition, runs tend to be quite long, perhaps unusually long for those used to only US snowboarding. European resorts also tend to be huge, fancy and modern, with a price tag to match. However, there are plenty of affordable options to be found at smaller, lesser known European resorts. If you have the wallet though, you can’t get better than the French resort Chamonix and St. Moritz in Switzerland. Don’t forget Italy as an option, with some of the best snow in the world. A favorite of Italian snowboarders is Livigno, with affordable options and over 60 miles of runs.

South America

Argentina and Chile are both home to some fine snowboarding. One of the main advantages to snowboarding in South America is that Americans can enjoy great snowboarding in our summertime, since their wintertime is America’s summertime.

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