Astral Travel Myths – 5 Astral Travel Myths Busted

Astral Travel Myths – 5 Astral Travel Myths Busted

A number of myths are strongly associated with the subject of astral travel. Many of them need to be busted. This article makes an attempt to bust some common astral travel myths.

1. The ability to astral travel is an exclusive gift granted to a few.

This is simply not true. Of course, some people are born with the ability to astral project at will; they do not have to put in any addition efforts to learn the art. The rest of us can learn how to astral project. And provided we are serious about it, we can definitely project. In fact, all of us do so in our sleep, but we are unaware of it.

The skill of leaving one’s physical body can be mastered. Some people will find it easier to learn, while others will have to struggle for years. Everything depends on how willing and eager the individual student is. Anybody can astral travel with the help of a few tested and proven techniques.

2. Astral projection is possible only after a lifetime of effort.

This is not necessarily true. Every individual is unique; therefore, the time taken by every individual to learn astral projection varies. Some people get it faster, while others give up even before they start. Some people need to work harder and longer in order to be able to leave their physical bodies. About 90 percent students of astral projection can do so in just one month if they try hard enough.

3. Astral travelling is dangerous.

Astral projection is not dangerous; it is just natural. We always leave our bodies when we are asleep although we are unaware of it. This is natural and safe.

But, people suffering from physiological and psychological disorders had better steer clear of astral projection as well as lucid dreaming. If you are under medication for a particular disorder, have a chat with your medical advisor before plunging into any paranormal adventures.

4. Astral projection is a rare phenomenon.

On the contrary, the phenomenon of consciousness leaving the physical body is quite common and universal. About 5 to 10 percent of the world’s population claim to have had an Out of body experience.

5. Returning to one’s physical body is difficult.

This statement simply cannot be true because we leave our bodies unconsciously everyday and we always make our way back to them. In fact, you will find it difficult to stay away from your body. The magnetic attraction between the physical body and its astral double is too great.

We should also consider the fact that the two bodies are attached to each other by means of a silver chord, which is severed only at death. This silver cord will help you get back to your body, always.

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