A Review of the Guardian International Travel Income Opportunity

Traveling on vacation is a great family venture. Unfortunately it can also be an expensive one. Taking a cruise, trips to the Bahamas, or even taking the kids to Disney World costs a few thousand dollars and a lot of planning. Guardian International Travel offers people a way to do all of this and make some money while you are at it.

Guardian International Travel was started in February 2005 by Swainson Hawke, a board game inventor and certified forex day trader. A sales and marketing company for profit, the company adheres to a strict policy that does not allow any Internet marketing by their members. All sales must be made in person via the telephone or mail.

The products sold by the company all have to do with the travel industry. The Zee Card membership allows the customer to be able to book travel deals from airline tickets to hotels and motels to entertainment. Cost of this card is $189.95 plus an $18.95 monthly subscription fee. The website includes a coupon printing demonstration so interested parties can see how this option works. The Condo Card offers members discounts and rebates to thousands of hotels and resort locations around the world.

These cards have an expiration date of ten years and can be purchased for a value of up to $25,000.00. There is a resort search page available on the website that can help the customer determine where they can use the card. There are even rebates available for using your Condo Card. Guardian International Travel also has a Cruise Card and opportunities in Asia. Prices for the cards are not clearly specified. The company offers special discounts for children as well.

There are four levels of memberships available by the company. They range in price from free to memberships costing over two thousand dollars. Getting started is fairly simple. After signing up, members make an initial purchase of at least $550.00 on a Condo Card.

Each level of membership is awarded their own website similar to the company’s main site, back office privileges, and the ability to purchase products at a wholesale price. Profits are earned when the purchased product is sold at the retail value. The member then receives the difference in a commission check awarded on the fifteenth of each month. The website also states that to join you must have a referral by a current member.

Unfortunately, according to industry information, Guardian International Travel has not issued a commission check since March of 2007. There are a lot of negative things being said about the company and they are no longer accepting new members.

This venture is definitely not for a low-income or fixed income member. Getting started is quite expensive and many travel agents offer the same types of discounts at a more reasonable rate. With the negative things that have also been said about the company, and the fact that they have not issued a check in eight months, this is not a lucrative business. Potential members would be better served by looking into another company to allocate their discretionary funds.

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