3 Tips Before Choosing a Tokyo Hotel

Choosing a Tokyo Hotel is not as complicated as you might think. Even if you’ve never been to Japan before. If you’re trying to figure out which location is best for a hotel in Tokyo, here are…

Important Tips Before Choosing A Tokyo Accommodation

  • Japanese are very service oriented people. That is to say you’ll probably get the best service you have ever experienced – in Japan. So, even if you’re on a budget, and checking out for the more Affordable hotels – You’ll probably have a very enjoyable stay in any hotel in Tokyo.
  • Cleanliness is never an issue in Japan. Japanese people are probably the cleanest people on earth (just look at their subway, it actually smells good!). So no Tokyo Hotel you choose, will feel grubby.
  • The Tokyo Subway covers the city very efficiently, So even if by any chance you book a Tokyo Hotel that is a little remote from the center (in fact Tokyo has many centers) you will still be only 5-10 minutes ride from major Attractions in Tokyo. Tokyo Subway is also very efficient and all signs are in English too.

If that’s the situation, then..

What To Look For Before Booking A Tokyo Hotel?

OK, now we’re getting to the point..

Different Locations in Tokyo have a very different Atmosphere to them…

The Cool vibe of Marunouchi – heart of Japan’s financial district by day time and a trendy nightlife scene in the evenings,

Shibuya – Tokyo’s ‘Times Square’. Home of the famous iconic intersection, featured in Media as a symbol of Tokyo. Huge neon screens and a very lively atmosphere.

The Chic atmosphere of Roppongi Hotels – the ‘Art triangle’, home to some of the most exciting Tokyo Museums. The sleek complex of Roppongi Hills with best Tokyo skyline observatory and some of the best Tokyo Restaurants.

Ginza – An elegant Shopping area during day time and an upscale Tokyo nightlife spot. Ginza is unique for it’s mixture of traditional and trendy. Also Famous for Kabuki Theater.

I hope you find this page full of useful information on Tokyo Hotel Reservations. Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!

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